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Wood Facts - Teak

Cross-section of a teak tree

Cross-section of a teak tree

The “Almighty” Teak Wood

For centuries, teak has made a name for itself as the finest wood there is for furniture making due to its elegance and durability. This tropical hardwood can stand strong for years as it is naturally resistant to water and insects, hence it is particularly valued for its durability and water resistance. The tree species tectona grandis is typically found in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand. 

All woods contain oils that protect the tree, a teak tree, however, is able to retain these oil and sap after being felled and processed. The oil and rubber within the wood makes it weather resistant, which makes teak wood highly suitable to be used as outdoor furniture. Teak is a densely grained hardwood that resists rot and warping, and is easily recognisable by its straight, sometimes wavy continuous grains.